Kabir - Selected couplets from the Sakhi in Transversion

Kabir - Selected couplets from the Sakhi in Transversion

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Author: Mohan Singh Karki
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 160
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120817990


This book opens a new vista in the sphere of verse translation in India. With the Hindi version and notes, the book will be a valuable reading especially for the English-speaking readers.

In the introductory part there is a departure from a mass of Hindi criticism. The bases of selection of dohas from the Sakhi are:

1> Kabir's proverbial and worldly wisdom
2> Analogy-finding gift
3> richness and variety of imagery
4> recurrent theme of death
5> gift for satire
6> rhetorical powers
This introductory part primarily focuses on Kabir as poet, which is his 'real estimate'. Thus the introductory part is a piece of scholarly criticism judging and appreciating Kabir's Sakhi on the canons of English literary criticism.

The versification (four-line stanza-form in loose lambic tetrameter lines) has an easy flow and almost parallels the flow of Kabir's dohas. With the Hindi version and notes, the book will be a valuable reading especially for the English-speaking readers.


MOHAN SINGH KARKI taught English language and literature at different colleges. His published doctoral dissertation 'Robert Frost: Theory and Practice of the Colloquial and Sound of Sense' enjoyed the reputation of being an outstanding work. Besides this, he edited with copious scholarly notes, The Golden Treasure - An anthology of English poems and The Facets of English Prose - an anthology comprising parables, fable, allegory, irony, diary, letter, biography and autobiography.


A Brief Biographical Sketch of Kabir
Introduction to Kabir : The Saint - Poet

THE SAKHI : CORPUS (Characteristics)

1. Of Guru of the Deity

2. Of Remembering God

3. Of Pain of Separation

4. Of Pain in Preceptive Enlightenment

5. Of Communion (with God)

6. Of Classic Ancient

7. Of Loyal Wife Sans Desire of Fruit

8. Of Portent

9. Of Heart (Full of Desires)

10. Of Subtle Ways

11. Of Subtle Birth

12. Of Maya

13. Of The Shrewd (Brahmin)

14. Of Deeds Sans Words

15. Of Words Sans Deeds

16. Of Lusty Man and Of Lust

17. Of Truth

18. Of End of Fallacy

19. Of (Simulative) Guise

20. Of Bad Company

21. Of Company

22. Of The Unrighteous

23. Of The Righteous

24. Of The Righteous in Transcendental State

25. Of Magnitude of Righteousness

26. Of One Two Takes the Substance

27. Of One Two Takes the Insubstantial

28. Of Exhortations

29. Of Faith

30. Of Identifying the Lover (God)

31. Of Reclusion

32. Of Potence

33. Of The Foul word

34. Of The Word

35. Of Life-in-Death

36. Of The Perfidious

37. Of Guru-Disciple search

38. Of Love and Affection

39. Of Bravery

40. Of Time/Death

41. Of Elixir

42. Of The Non-Assayer

43. Of The Assayer

44. Of The Origin of Devotion

45. Of The Musk Deer

46. Of Vituperation

47. Of The Virtue less

48. Of Entreaty

49. Of The Creeper

50. Of The Indivisible

51. Of A Man Sans Guru

52. Of Selfishness

53. Of Philanthropy

54. Of Love

55. Of The Loyal Wife

56. Of Alien God

57. Of Peace

58. Of Vainglory

59. Of Contentment

60. Of Pardon

61. Of Hearsay

62. Of The Middle

63. Of Thinking

64. Of Equivocal Mind

65. Of Oneness

66. Of Repentance

67. Of The Universal

68. Of The Non-Vegetarian

69. Of Non-Vituperation

70. Of The Non-Gourmet

71. The Miscellaneous

Glossary (Of Hindi Words)
Select Bibliography
Index of First Half-Lines in Hindi and Corresponding first-lines in English