Soul Searchers - The Art of Breathing

Soul Searchers - The Art of Breathing

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Author: R Venugopal
Publisher: B Jain Pub.
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 362
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170219369


This book gives simple techniques of meditation through breathing and visualization.

Working on the metaphysical level is a fascinating experience. It is a unique approach that allows individuals to tap their inner potential and power without any external aids. In order to help to remove the physical and mental trauma and leading a person from the darkness of he material world to the fascinating world of Kundalini Shakti, the author has added few simple techniques like:

- The hidden power through the practice of Visualization and Breathing.
- Multiple techniques of mediation through visualization each distinct from the other.
- Disclosing the facts of Kundalini and he 109 major /minor chakras.
- Reiki Basics to Mastership: disclosing the Tibetan technique of attunement for Reiki.
- Disclosing multiple mediation techniques of Reiki.
- Yogic Kriyas and Mudra Vigyan: disclosing the secrets behind it.
- Aura: The crucial connection between healing and spirituality
- Crystal: The powerhouse of healing and spiritual upliftment.
- Process and awakening of Kundalini through the visualization.



Introduction to Meditation

Beginners Level
ò Alpha Level
ò Formless Wanderer
ò Inner Cleansing
ò More Visual Happiness
ò Self Introspection
ò Self Knowledge

Advanced Level
ò Freedom From the Shackles
ò Sense of the Death
ò Sense of the Fire
ò Sense of the Void
ò Soul Torturer
ò Past Life Fantasy
ò Dance of Ecstasy

Kundalini Yoga - Theory
ò Mooladhara Chakra
ò Swadhisthana chakra
ò Manipura Chakra
ò Anahat Chakra
ò Vishuddhi chakra
ò Ajna Chakra
ò Sahasrar Chakra
ò Important Things before awakening Kundalini Shakti
ò Experience on awakening of Kundalini shakti
ò Development of Chakras in the human body
ò Guru
ò Path to Enlightenment
ò Riddhis and Siddhis
ò Visualisation and Breathing Techniques

Kundalini Yoga - Practical
ò Awaken the Giant from Sleep
ò Colour Meditation
ò Kundalini Awakening - Prayer
ò Balancing the energies of Left and Right Nadis
ò Balancing the Shakti Points
ò Awakening the Mooladhara Chakra
ò Awakening the swadhisthana Chakra
ò Awakening the Manipura Chakra
ò Awakening the Anahat Chakra
ò Awakening the Vishuddhi Chakra
ò Awakening the Ajna Chakra
ò Complete Awakening of Kundalini

ò Awakening the Kundalini with the Spiritual Energy of Reiki
ò Reiki Basics
ò Reiki Ideals
ò Attitude of Gratitude
ò Stage in Reiki and there Importance
ò Reiki I - Defination, Self Healing and Healing with Others
ò Reiki II - Symbols and there relevance

ò Meditational Techniqes with Reiki
ò Sandwich Energy
ò Mirror Energy
ò Distant Healing
ò Programming the Energy
ò Healing the Dead
ò Reiki Box
ò Group Healing

ò Reiki III A & B
ò Attunement Process
ò Primer for Attunement
ò Attuning

ò Certification
ò Development of the Chi Energy
ò Spot Energy Technique
ò Hum Technique
ò Carry Load Technique

ò Advance Techniques for Reiki channels
ò Healing the Past
ò Energising the Aura
ò Practice in Partnership

ò Savasana
ò Sukhasana
ò Vajrasana
ò Siddhasana
ò Padmasana
ò Crow Bow Asana
ò Sarva Sukha Asana
ò Tratak

ò Inner Invocation
ò Calling to the Universal Soul
ò Art of Breathing
ò Art of Breathing - Advanced
ò Inner Voice
ò Energy Burst

ò Defination, Development of various body in human being
ò Aura Chart

ò Exercise for Seeing Aura
ò Flow with Me
ò Check Me Out
ò Advanced Check Me Out
ò Watch Me
ò Mirror-Mirror on the Wall
ò Watching the Inner Self

ò Healing process used by Atlantians
ò Choosing the Crystals
ò Cleansing the Crystals
ò Programming the Crystals
ò Meditation on Crystals
ò Crystal Meditation
ò Crystal Ball Mediation
ò Crystal Grid Meditation
ò Crystal Meditation with Reiki energy
ò Energy Manifestation with Crystals

Marma Gyana and Mudras
ò Marma Gyana
ò Mudras