Anti - Social Patterns of Begging and Beggars

Anti - Social Patterns of Begging and Beggars

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Author: O P Goyal
Publisher: Isha Books
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 337
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788182051508


Begging is one of the oldest profession on earth. People who beg are amongst the most damaged and vulnerable people in our society. The vast majority are homeless; they suffer from a combination of Poor skills, low income, poor housing, bad health, substance misuse and Family breakdown.

Begging is a crosscutting issue that has implications across many different government strategies, including homelessness, anti-social behaviour, Crime and disorder, Health and drugs. Begging impacts on crime, increases the fear of crime, concerns the public and Effects businesses, the retail trade and tourists.

The book finds out the Nature of Erosion of social Norms and Cultural Patterns among different Groups of beggars who lived precariously at the margin of an Urban society. It also describes the specific social, cultural and behavioural strategies by which the beggars managed to survive in their miserable socio-economic situation. It brings out the sub-culture of the beggars, in a situation of extreme Poverty and social marginality.



1. Panhandling : A Social Trauma
Factors Contributing to Panhandling; Income Spending Patterns among Panhandlers; Factors influencing Panhandling; Responses to Panhandling
2. Hunger and Food Security : Current Trends
Hunger in Industrial Countries; Hunger in Countries in Transition; Hunger in Developing Countries; Identifying the Food Insecure; Methods for Profiling Vulnerable Groups; Efforts to Eradicate Exteme Poverty
3. Poverty, Migration and Homelessness
Income-Poverty; Issues of Unemployment; Realities of the Poor; Dimensions of Deproviation; Economic Crisis and Cross-border Migration : Case of the Mekong region; Homelessness; Reasons of Homelessness; Building Sustainable Livelihoods; Anti-proverty Action; Well-being and Livelyhoods
4. Begging: An Anti-social Behaviour
Aggressive Panhandling
5. Child Beggars and Ragpickers
Street Children; Problems of Child Ragpickers; Ragpickers’ Background.
6. Cyber Begging
7. Features of Indian Beggars
8. Means of Tackling Begging
Reality of Begging; Enforcement as a Means of Tackling Begging; Finding Solutions to Begging; Feeding the Poor; Lord Bauer’s Suggestions to Control Beggary; Anti-Panhandling By-laws