Tales of Humor (Panchratna / Amar Chitra Katha Series Vol 1006)

Tales of Humor (Panchratna / Amar Chitra Katha Series Vol 1006)

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Author: Anant Pai
Publisher: India Book House
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 31
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175081791


This collection celebrates the triumph of the little man over the mighty which has fascinated mankind and is a recurring theme in literature.

Stories included in the selection are:

* Birbal, the Just
* Birbal, the Witty
*Gopal, the Jester
* Raman, the Matchless Wit
* Raman of Tenali

Of the famous wits of India, the best known was Birbal. He had the rare distinction of achieving immense popularity during his lifetime, next only to that of Akbar. He was a good administrator, a good soldier and perhaps what pleased Akbar the most -= good jester.

Raman of Tenali was a Telugu poet and the court jester of Vijayanagara. Many stories which passed into folklore, are attributed to him. Some of these have been obviously invented to show his wit.

Gopal the Jester was popularly known as Gopal Bhand in Bengal. His native shrewdness enabled him to turn every situation to his advantage. Little wonder that he was favored by Raja Krishna Chandra. It is said he mingled freely with the common people and often helped them too.