Managed Chaos  - The Fragility of the Chinese Miracle

Managed Chaos - The Fragility of the Chinese Miracle

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Author: Prem Shankar Jha
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 186
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788132100768


The Fragility of the Chinese Miracle reads into the Chinese politics and economy and the disparate status and position of the two domains. On one hand, its economy has sustained a near 10 per cent growth rate for 30 years, while, on the other, trapped in an incomplete transition from a totalitarian to a democratic market economy, politically the country is still considered a fragile state. This book helps disparity is rooted in Chinese politics.

The defining features of this book are:

" Armed with an original application of Michal Kalecki's theory of intermediate regimes, this book provides an explanation of China's explosive growth.

" It indicates the formation of a new stratum, through winding up of centralized planning, the stratum of 'proto-bourgeoisie', consisting of the local cadres of the communist party, who can counter the central cadres for capturing investible resources of the state.

" It creates a single politic-economic model that explains China's economic and political development. The causal connections in the model make it possible to predict China's future, and the challenges it faces.

This book makes a significant contribution to the literature on Chinese political economy over the last three decades. It is a must read for all informed and serious readers. Policy makers and those studying international relations and politics will also find it useful.


List of Tables

1.Mixed Feelings
2.Conflicting Views of China's Development
3.Double Digit Growth?
4.Friction-Free' Growth?
5.'Cadre' Capitalism
6.Why Purely Economic Remedies Have Not Worked
7.An Ancient Struggle in a New Guise
8.Recession and the Birth of Class Conflict
9.The Emergence of a Predatory State
10.Retaining the Mandate of Heaven
11.The Challenge Ahead

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