Preet Na Jane Reet  (DVD in Gujarati with English subtitles)

Preet Na Jane Reet (DVD in Gujarati with English subtitles)

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Author: Natwar Pandya
Director/Composer/Narrator: Arvind Vekariya/Haneef Mohammad
Publisher: Shemaroo
Year: 2006
Language: Gujarati
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): SHE DVD 522


Sheth Natwarlal had only problem with his son and daughter. He just did not care about them. Even though they were of marriageable age, and were in love, Sheth Natwarlal did not have the time for them or their problem.

Driven to desperation, the brother and sister set into motion a plot, that after many, funny, twists and turns gives Sheth Narwarlal the bargain of his life.

He not only gets a daughter in law, but also a son in law.

Starring Parag Shah,Hemant Jha,Yogesh Upadhyay, Hitesh Sampat,Jigesh Majumdar, Manisha Vora,Manisha Purohit,Suchi Joshi
Director Arvind Vekaria
Producer Dharmesh Mehta,Prakash Dani,Jeetendra Joshi
Print Type Color


Multi-Region: Can be played anywhere in the World.

* DVD 5 or DVD 9
* NTSC Format
* Video: Anamorphic (Widescreen)
* Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1
* Number of Discs: 1
* Digitally Mastered from the Original Film
* Subtitles: English
* Interactive Menus of Songs & Scenes for Easy Access