Anatomy of an Abduction - How the Indian Hostages in Iraq were freed

Anatomy of an Abduction - How the Indian Hostages in Iraq were freed

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Author: V Sudarshan
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 219
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0143103857


In July 2004, a convoy of KGL trucks drove into Iraq from Kuwait carrying electronic equipment for the American occupiers, when the worst happened—three Indian drivers, three Kenyans and an Egyptian were ambushed, detained by unknown Iraqi dissidents and accused of collaborating with the Americans. A deadline was set for their execution. The countdown had begun.

The abduction drama that ensued had all the ingredients of a thriller:nail-biting suspense, high profile media coverage, international outrage at the plight of these humble workers, and political tightrope-walking.This gripping behind-the-scenes narration recounts what really happened in Baghdad when a team of negotiators was sent there and entered into secret talks through an intermediary whose very existence was not in public domain.

Anatomy of an Abduction reveals for the first time the Indian crisis management team’s handling of the situation over forty-four days in occupied, lawless Iraq.



The Indian Ambassador to Baghdad
The Crisis Management group
The Team Goes to Baghdad
The Terms of Engagement
The Tribal Sheikh
The Visitor
The Egyptian
Zikrur Steps out
Sharaf Takes over the Charge
The Video
The Conditions
Contours of Settlements
The Modalities
The Last Day