Know Your Dals and Pulses

Know Your Dals and Pulses

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Author: Tarla Dalal
Publisher: Sanjay & Company
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 96
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788189491758


Gone are the days when dals and pulses were considered a poor man's diet. Today, they have become not just trendy but core to Indian cuisine. Much of the newfound excitement with regard to vegetarian cooking is fuelled by the imaginative use of dals and pulses.

But we take these wholesome ingredients so much for granted that very few of us would actually be able to differentiate toovar dal from arhar and red chana from kalachana. Well, they are the same, aren't they? We look only at the end-product and think al dals and pulses look and taste similar, what is there in it"

But the surprising fact is that in the raw form dals and pulses come in different colors, flavors and with varying degrees of nutrient-content. And it is not all difficult to understand them; all it takes is a little time and inclination.

This book is an effort to introduce you to the world of dals and pulses and to demystify that many varieties so that the next you to a shop you can tell the difference between Urad dal and moon gal, and certainly they are two different dals. Not to forget the bounty of recipes including spicy Urad Dal Puri, Masoor Bviryani, Methi Dal Dholki and Vaal ki Usal.


Introduction to the World of Dals and Pulses
Storage of Dals and Pulses
Preparing the Dals and Pulses for Cooking

Akha Urad - Dal Makhani
Chilkewali Urad dal - Khatta Urad Dal
Urad Dal - Spicy Urad Dal Puries

Kabuli Chana - Peshawari Chole
Hara Chana - Hara Chana Curry with Methi Muthia
Kala Chana - Sundal
Chana Dal - Dal Pakwan

Toovar - Masala Toovar
Toovar Dal - Methi Dal Dhokali

Moong Sprouts Pav Bhaji
Chilkewali Moong Dal Stuffed
Moong Dal Cheelas
Yellow Moong Dal - Moong Dal Sheera

Masoor - Masoor Biryani
Masoor Dal - Hearty Red
Lentil Soup

Vaal - Vaal Ki Usal
Vaal Dal - Vall Dal Khichri
Rangoon Vaal - Rangoon na Vaal

Chawli - Masala Chawli
Red Chawli - Kadala Curry
Chola Dal - Chola Dal Dhokla

Hara Vatana - Kovalam Mutter
Safed Vatana - Ragda Patties
Kala Vatana - Pumpjin Kootttu Curry


KULITH - Kulith Saar

HARICOT BEANS - Macroni Hotpot

Matki - Matki Nutricious Tendli and Matki Subz

Red Rajma - Tortila Bake
Shades Ralma - Rajma Salad
Kashmiri Rajma - Rajma Curry

BLACK BEANS - Black Bean Soup