Hindu Soul Recipes

Hindu Soul Recipes

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Author: Pushpesh Pant
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 94
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788174364128


Food in ancient India was considered akin to divinity. It was considered inseparable from Brahma - the supreme cosmic truth. Food, it was understood, was the basis of all life and deeply influenced all its aspects.

Over millennia, a unique culinary philosophy evolved on the subcontinent, one that continues to provide brilliant insights into the subject. What we eat not only provides sustenance for the body but also ensures that the mind and soul are adequately nourished.

What Hindu Soul Recipes seeks to do is to reclaim and unveil this priceless legacy: the distilled essence of ancient dietary wisdom, spanning the entire range from therapeutics to aesthetics.

Opening one’s mind to Hindu Soul Recipes is to embark on an ecstatic odyssey. Preparing soul-stirring meals each day ensures that you continue to enjoy good health and celebrate the miracle of life.


1. Recipes for Life

2. Seasons and Food

3. Soul and the Cosmos

4. Snacks

5. Main Course

6. Accompaniments

7. Desserts