EK Mutho Chhobi (Bengali DVD with English Subtitles)

EK Mutho Chhobi (Bengali DVD with English Subtitles)

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Author: Dilip Roy
Rupa Ganguly/
Director/Composer/Na: Arghyakamal Mitra/Partha Sen/Prabhat Roy et al
Publisher: Shradha Home Video
Year: 2006
Language: Bengali
Pages: NA
ISBN/UPC (if available): NA


A common thread weaves through all our lives irrespective of our status, age or ethnic background. As human beings, we are enslaved with by our emotions which to a large extent determines and is determined by our character and economic background. While such reactions to emotional stimuli, allow some to triumph in life, yet in others it leads to their impoverishment. This whole unpredictability of life is the theme of our effort ‘A fistful of films’.

KAAM (Lust), LOBH (Greed), MOHO (Obsession), MADA (Pride), MATSHARYA (Jealousy) are basic emotions with which we grapple through life irrespective of who we are and where we come from. This subconscious mechanism in some recess of our mind is essentially the governing influence of our lives.

‘EK Mutho Chhobi’ (A FISTFUL OF FILMS) is a collection of extractions of everyday scenarios where circumstances throw unexpected challenges into the mundane existences, and how the reactions of the protagonists send An upwardly, mobile couple’s crisis for failing to pay for their home loan installments, the mundane breadwinner with deep frustrations with his lot in life, a bleary physician for whom nothing has clicked, a tea-shop girl who aspires for a high flying life, a reckless actress paralyzed at the pinnacle of her career, and two cousin sister who grow up in the same home but with opposite outlooks, all are reflective of this deep struggle within ourselves.

With all their stylistic and structural dissimilarities, the five stories explore the possibilities and consequences of moral choice in a time when right become the reflection of wrong and the tone grey is dominant.

Compelling in their story telling these five stories, conceived and executed by five directorial teams, showcase a diverse approach to filmmaking yet maintaining the integrity of the central theme – the fallibility of human character.


Dilip Roy, Rajatabha Dutta, Srilekha Mitra, June Malia, Arunima, Supriya Choudhury, Arindam Seal, Indrani Halder, Biplab Chatterjee, Bikram Ghosh, Rupa Ganguly, Kaushik Sen, Samata Das, Monami Ghosh etc.

Arghyakamal Mitra, Partha Sen, Indrani Roychowdhury,
Prabhat Roy, Anjan Dutta, Kaushik Ganguly

Producer: Roopa Ganguly

Executive Producer: Arindam Sil