India Central Asia Russia

India Central Asia Russia

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Author: Ajish P. Joy
Publisher: Samskriti
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 109
ISBN/UPC (if available): 978818734497


India’s ties with Central Asia date back several centuries while today Russia is one of India’s most trusted allies. Central Asia holds vital strategic importance for India on account of its location and the energy reserves it holds. The new Great Game being played out in the region by Russia, the US and China is in fact a testimonial to the importance of the region. Unfortunately, India so far has not been really successful in emerging as a significant player in the Central Asian theatre. While trying to cultivate better relations with the Central Asian Republics, India can always count on its strong ties with Russia, as the latter is the most influential player in the Central Asian theatre.

This monograph attempts to examine India’s ties with Central Asia and also factors in the prevailing Russian influence in the region. The bilateral aspects, trade and economic ties, energy and strategic relations are dealt with and there is also a brief section on the rise of China in the region and the role of the Shanghai Co-operation Organization.

Lastly, the monograph deals with Russia’s relation with the Central Asian Republics with the Central Asian Republics and concludes with exploring avenues of mutual cooperation.





1. India-Russia-Central Asia: Bilateral Aspects

2. The New great Game: Strategic Dimension

3. Economic Co-operation and Energy Ties