Aastha       (Hindi DVD with English subtitles)

Aastha (Hindi DVD with English subtitles)

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Author: Rekha
Om Puri/Dinesh Thakur
Director/Composer/Na: Basu Bhattacharya / Saarang Dev
Publisher: Eros Multimedia
Year: 2006
Language: multilingual
Pages: NA
ISBN/UPC (if available): DVD-E 436


Manasi (Rekha), a middle aged middle class woman always had the dearth of money in her life and is never able to fulfil her heart’s desires as her husband has a meagre salary. But when her daughter expresses her desires, Manasi is too pained. One day at a shoe shop, a pair of shoes tempts Manasi but as they are overpriced she can’t afford them. A lady, as a friendly gesture, offers to pay the rest of the money. The lady then takes Manasi to a world of seductions, the glitz and sleaze of an urban life. Somewhere along the way Manasi is led to a guilt ridden awareness of her sexuality, an aspect that lay unrevealed. Amar, her husband, is completely unaware of the travails of his wife.

A participant in her changing sexual discernment, Amar leads a life far removed from the one that Manasi is coerced into and entrapped by. Balancing parallel lives, Manasi submerges into the abyss of guilt until she finds herself exposed by Amita, one of Amar’s students. Together they plan a confession by innuendo. This, Manasi concludes, is the only chance she has to pick up the threads of her shredded life.

PRODUCED & DIRECTED BY Basu Bhattacharya

MUSIC Saarang Dev

STARRING –Rekha, Om Puri, Dinesh Thakur, Anwesha Bhattacharya, Sagar Arya, Daisy Irani, Navin Nischal