Ballay Shera's Quest For Kohinoor

Ballay Shera's Quest For Kohinoor

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Author: Prashant Singh
Publisher: Srishti
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 138
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188575941


Kohinoor has long been a part of our history books. Magnificent stories, folklores and superstitions are attached to its name. Having long been gone from the soil of India, it now lies in the Tower of London under the control of the British. However, a sheer mention of it still evokes an eternal link to the land of its original belonging, India.

One look and Teja seems similar to any other Indian kid. However, a most extraordinary future lies ahead of him.

A dream, a rainbow, a ring and finally a royalty changes the course of this wise and witty guy’s life towards the west in the quest to bring back the mountain of light to its homeland.

From here starts the rollercoaster rider of fun, courage and adventure towards one of the most difficult yet sought after tasks in an Indian heart.


1.Teja’s family
2. At School - The Major influence
3. The Priest’s Prophecy and the
Magical Ring
4. The Royal invite and the Bull Challenge
5. Meeting the King
6. The Decision
7. Journey Time
8. A Family in London
9. Life with the Ring
10. The Dry Run
11. The Unexpected Phone Call
12. Dance Club Fiasco
13. The Execution
14. The Escape