Dekh Kabira Roya  (HINDI DVD + English Subtitiles)

Dekh Kabira Roya (HINDI DVD + English Subtitiles)

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Author: Amiya Chakravarty
Contributor(s)/Artis: Madan Mohan/Anita Guha/Anoop Kumar et al
Publisher: Eros Multimedia
Year: 2004
Language: multilingual
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): DVD E 265


In life, love manifests itself through a mother, a companion, a woman, an offspring and as the evening of life approaches, it merges into God again. It is the head and not the heart that rules love today, and it is this conflict between the head and the heart that leads three young, innocent girls and three struggling artists to nearly wreck their love in the stormy sea of life.

Ranjit a young painter, Pradeep a writer, and Mohan a singer becomes friends. Three friends’ meets at the coffee house, they ponder over their meeting with the three girls and they decide to exchange their rooms to benear their beloved’s and reveal their true identities to them. Girls unfortunately express their strong dislike for any form of art other than what they love. The three artists try to learn each other’s job but all in vain. In the meantime through Rekha’s father, the girls arrange their marriages. But in the marriage pandal the girls come to know the true identities of Pradeep, Mohan and Ranjit and they all leave the marriage pandal in a huff.

However the girls come to realise that it is the person they are in love with and not their achievements, and so the heart over rules the headand the three girls move out into the world to build their castles of happiness around the men they love.