Maine Pyar Kiya  (Hindi DVD with English Subtitles)

Maine Pyar Kiya (Hindi DVD with English Subtitles)

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Author: Salman Khan
Director/Composer/Na: Sooraj R. Barjatya/Tarachand Barjatya/Raamlaxman
Publisher: Ultra
Year: 2005
Language: Hindi
Pages: NA
ISBN/UPC (if available): DVD U-194


The power of Love

The Call of two young hearts smitten with love…!

Prem and Suman… He the son of multimillionaire, Kishen… and she the daughter of an ordinary motor mechanic, Karan… run into each other and cultivate mutual liking which culminates into a CALL OF LOVE…!

Losing themselves in the whirlwind of love-laden dreams they sing and dance… happy like skylarks with hopes verging on fulfillment. Prem’s mother has already accepted Suma as her prospective daughter-in-law…!

But social prejudice always comes in way of love. The mercenary multimillionaire Kishen not only injures the loving hearts, but also rudely insults Karan, his childhood friend.

Love becomes helpless victim of class prejudice… Prem and Suman are thrown apart…!

Karan take his daughter Suman back to the village… Prem giving up the riches of his father goes after Suman. An irate Karan confronts Prem and lays down the condition that unless Prem earns two thousand rupees a month on his own, he would not allow the marriage of his daughter with him. Prem accepts the condition and assets that he would earn two thousand rupees in a month, staying right in the village.

The young Lover brave the hazards…. Struggle hard to overcome the onslaught of class hatred and succeed in realizing their dream of love…!


Star Cast:
Salman Khan, Bhagyashree, Alok Nath, Mohnish Behl, Reema Lagoo.

Director: Sooraj R. Barjatya

Music Director: Raam Laxman