International Food: Indian Style

International Food: Indian Style

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Author: Vimla Patil
Publisher: Zaika
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 223
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186982302


Reflecting a new panache in eating habit, this manual features 155 recipes chosen from many cuisines to introduce an unprecedented variety and style and bon homie to Indian home cooking.

One may well ask what exactly is the meaning of the title International Food: Indian Style? Why indeed should international cuisine take on the garb of Indian food? What is fusion cooking ?

Recent years have seen a veritable revolution in the catering industry in India. Indians are now familiar with world cuisine through TV shows, the print media or personal travel and are adapting every kind of food to their specific tastes. Conversely, the Indian curry has gone global. Britain and Ireland alone boast of over 5000 curry eateries and takeaways.

Inspite of the many regional cuisines and colonial influences, Indians still love to experiment with food. Heirs to a multifaceted, multi-flavored culture, Indians are quick learners and willing acceptors of new ideas and new lifestyles. Thus, the newest and most stylish food is born of a fusion cuisine which combines the best of many international cuisines.

This book is timely and useful both for the gourmet as well as the homemaker. It presents a variety of dishes touched with that special Indian sensitivity to flavors and wonderful aromas!