Forts and Palaces of India - Sentinels of History

Forts and Palaces of India - Sentinels of History

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Author: Bindu Manchanda
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 192
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174363815


One legacy of India's rich and varied history is that of the numerous forts and palaces which dot the length and breadth of the country. In popular imagination forts and palaces are redolent of mystique, romance, pleasure and intrigue; but above all--melding beauty and grace with strength and substance--these proud sentinels are living reminders of India's breathtakingly rich civilization and culture.

Spanning the four corners of India, the forts and palaces featured in these pages have been included as much for their historical and cultural significance as for their architectural splendour and beauty. Some of these hitherto little known forts and palaces are important for the restoration and preservation work being undertaken there.

While they may often look like mute witnesses to eras long since vanished in the mists of time, their walls contain within them many stories. Stories not just of mighty royals, and the rise and fall of dynasties and empires; but of builders, masons and craftsmen; of foot soldiers and ladies-in-waiting; of eunuchs and dancing girls.

Their stone and bricks are a vast repository of knowledge-a truly priceless treasure trove of history, myth and legend, of culture and tradition. What the reader, like the discerning visitor, comes away with is the startling realization that far from decay and lost splendour, these forts and palaces are actually vibrant and living representatives of an ageless civilization where the past and present gracefully commingle in harmony.


India: The Land of Forts and Palaces
Rajasthan: The Land of Royals
Delhi: The Millennial City
Punjab: The Land of five Rivers
Jammu & Kashmir: Paradise on Earth
Uttar Pradesh: In the Lap of the Ganga
West Bengal: Spring Serenade
Manipur: Bejeweled Land
Andhra Pradesh: Coastal Paradise
Tamil Nadu: Ancient Splendour
Karnataka: Emerald Forests
Madihya Pradesh: Heart of India
Gujarat: Questing Spirit