Stories from the Mahabharata    (ILLUSTRATED)

Stories from the Mahabharata (ILLUSTRATED)

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Author: Anant Pai
Illustrator: H S Cavan / Dilip Kadam / Pratap Mullick
Publisher: India Book House
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 160
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This book, profusely illustrated in color, narrates five stories in pictures. These stories are all based on the Mahabharata, the great epic of India. Through a masterful blend of commentary, dialogue and illustration, this book presents complex historical facts and intricate mythology in a format that would appeal to children, They not only entertain, but also provide a fitting introduction to the cultural heritage of India.

The five stories in this volume are all based on the Mahabharata, the great epic of India. The story of Nala and Damayanti is one of the more romantic episodes, and its pathos has attracted the attention of writers and poets not only in India, but also in distant lands.

The story of Savitri is one of the many told by Sage Markandeya to the Pandavas while they were in exile. Markandeya explained to Yudhishthira that regardless of what one may have to suffer, the chastity and devotion of women will ultimately bring triumph to their loved ones and to themselves, just as the chaste Savitri’s staunch devotion to her husband Satyavan brought good forture not only to her husband, but also to hr parents and her husband’s parents.

The story of Kacha and Devayani narrates how Kacha enters the city of the asuras and learns the secret craft of sanjivani (revival of the dead) from Shukracharya. It also recounts the triumph of his sense of duty over the pleas of the charming Devayani.

The story of King Shibi has inspired many Indians, down the ages, to protect those who seek refuge in them. In the story of Indra and Shachi, we trace the fluctuating fortunes of Indra in his battle with the evil forces that are seeking to oust him. Ultimately, his wife’s devotion protects him through his tribulations.


Indra and Shibi

Nala Damayanti

Kacha and Devayani

Indra and Shachi