Muslims in India - Perceptions and Misperceptions

Muslims in India - Perceptions and Misperceptions

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Author: Ishtiyaque Danish
Publisher: Global Media
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 168
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188869163


The book discusses several important issues confronting Muslims in India today, such as Hindutva attacks on Islam, the supposed high population growth among Indian Muslims, the issue of terrorism and Muslims and the media in India.

The seven articles presented in this volume deal with different topics but, in a deeper sense, they all elaborate the broader theme: misperceptions about Islam and Muslims in India. The book will remove at least some of the misunderstandings that many of our countrymen have developed in their minds under the influence of vicious and false rightist propaganda.

The book is an attempt to present the Muslims community in India as a vibrant community that has the same interests as other communities in the country sticking to their Islamic values. It rebuts misleading claims regarding Indian madrasas, high population growth rates, the media bias against Muslims, particularly that of English media and presents them in a right perspective.

Articles in this volume include by Dr Ishtiyaque Danish, Prof Nejatullah Siddiqui, Prof Asmer Baig and Pro Feroz Khan Ishtiyaque Danish is a reader in the Department of Islamic Studies in Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi and heads the Centre for Studies on Indian Muslims in the same University.


The book, Muslims in India: Perceptions and Misperceptions, is an interesting study of the problem, and can be helpful in removing the misunderstandings which may lead to various complications.


PREFACE The So-Called Objectionable Verses Muslims and Violence Islam and Pluralism Madaris: Seats of Religious Learning Media and the Muslims 125 Growth of Muslim Population: Myth or Reality The Myth of Muslim appeasement Select Bibliography INDEX