Pakistan: The Political Economy of Lawlessness

Pakistan: The Political Economy of Lawlessness

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Author: Azhar Hassan Nadeem
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 375
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195796217


In the past few decades, Pakistan’s economy has been beset by lawlessness, widespread corruption, financial mismanagement and political chaos. In this book the author undertakes to assess, for the first time, the effect of these abuses on the economic performance of the country.

He does so by presenting a quantitative measurement of the impact of lawlessness on Pakistan’s economic development with special reference to the years 1969-96, though other critical periods have also been touched upon. As an economist and criminologist, turned police officer, Mr Nadeem has first-hand knowledge of problems relating to lawlessness, and is also well-acquainted with the strategies of economic development adopted in Pakistan from time to time. He has, therefore, been able to produce a book with an interdisciplinary appeal, useful for policy-makers, economic planners, administrators, police officers, researchers, students, and the general reader.


As an economist and a police officer trained in criminology, Dr Nadeem attempts to review (a) the impact of lawlessness and poor criminal justice management on economic development, and (b) the effects (and cost-effectiveness) of community policing approaches to crime risk and fear management in the difficult terrain of contemporary Pakistan.
-Dr Michael Levi
Professor of Criminology, Cardiff University, UK

It is the rarest finest quantitative analysis of impact of lawlessness on economic development.
-Dr Rafique Ahmad
Professor Emeritus, Punjab University

This book suggests a unique design of indigenous community policing commensurate with sustainable economic growth.
-Sardar Muhammad Chaudhry
Former Inspector General of Police, Punjab




Issues in Lawlessness and Development

Socio-economic Developments and Crimes

A Review of Socio-economic Situation in Pakistan

Nature of Violent Crime

Historical Overview of Law and Order in Pakistan

Patterns of Lawlessness in Pakistan

Magniture of Lawlessness

Impact of Lawlessness on the Economy as Whole

Impact of Lawlessness on Selected Micro-economic Sectors

Cost-effective Indigenous Community Policing Model

Experiment of Cost-effective Policing in Gujranwala

Improvement of General Criminal Administration System