Salaam Bollywood - The Pain and the Passion

Salaam Bollywood - The Pain and the Passion

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Author: Bhawana Somaaya
Publisher: Spantech & Lancer/Timeless
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 250
ISBN/UPC (if available): 189782954X


This book chronicles personal memoirs of incidents and encounters with film stars of Bollywood.

How does it feel to be a film journalist? Do you believe in the world you work in? In the people you write about? I’m often asked such questions by friends and family. To them I’m answerable for the whacky world I’m associated with, though for the stars, I’m the outsider, left open-mouthed by the savagery of what I witness. But there is another side to stardom. The better side- of warmth and wisdom- that an outsider will never know. Inaccessibility prevents identification.

Insecurity is an overwhelming emotion in any creative profession. In the film industry, it is more so. Film stars are peddlers of emotion and, therefore, there are more emotional wrecks in the film world than in any other place. There is same and scandal, exhibitionism and eccentricity, but there is also an energy, a fatal attraction about the world of cinema that is obsessive. Once you have been a part of it you feel incomplete without it.

Recently voted by the BBC internet poll as the star of the millennium, Amitabh Bachchan has written the Foreword.