India - Through the ages

India - Through the ages

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Author: Madan Gopal
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 1990
Language: English
Pages: 244
ISBN/UPC (if available): not given


India is a storehouse of all the riches bestowed by nature. In the words of Monier Williams, India is 'in all respects a complete world in itself'. This work aims to project its different cultural and historical facets to enable the reader to have intimate knowledge of the country and its people.

This book is an attempt to project some of the salient facets of India's vast and rich cultural heritage. Her charming geographical variations, her long and gripping history, delightful fairs and festivals, enchanting arts, awe-inspiring monuments, beautiful and lively languages, a fascinating array of gods and goddesses and, of course, her prominent sons and daughters-all glimmer through the pages of this book.

Couched in lucid language, the writings and compilations here are, in fact, a symphony of choicest colors which bespeaks the many-sided achievements of the people of India in various fields of human activity. Recommended for tourists, research scholars, students and all those who long to see India and discover her beauty.


1. Land and People
2. History
3. Chronology
4. The world of Arts
5. Pre-history and Indian Mythology
6. Languages of Indian
7. Fairs and Festivals
8. Places of Tourist Interest
9. Prominent Personalities
10. Calendar of Events

List of Maps

1. States in India ( inset showing India's position in the world)
2. Air and road routes
3. rail and se routes