The Veda and Indian Culture

The Veda and Indian Culture

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Author: Kireet Joshi
Publisher: Mira Aditi
Year: 1991
Language: English
Pages: 115
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120808894


The Vedic Rishis have described the human journey, its difficulties and its battles as also the secret of the victory. The central issue is how to perfect our ordinary psychological faculties. The entire science of yoga owes its origin to the Vedic psychology. At present mankind is passing through a crisis which can be met only at the deepest psychological level. In this context, the Veda has contemporary relevance.

The author has presented the quintessence of the Vedic message in a few brief chapters, and the language is deliberately non-technical. There is a growing thirst among young people who want to be introduced to the secret of the Veda and to understand how various developments of Indian culture are rooted in the Veda. The present book may serve to meet this need. The book also contains material, both in the main text in the appendices, which may also be of interest to scholars.



1 The Ancient Book of Wisdom
2 the Mystic Fire
3 The Human Journey
4 The Deeper Secret
5 Significance of the Upanishad
6 The Veda and Indian Culture
7 The Teacher and the Pupil The Rishi and The Society
9 The Veda, Intuition and Philosophy
10 The Veda and the Concept of Dharma
11 Dharma and Fourfold Social Order
12 Spirituality and Indian Culture

Appendix I
The Rishi and Brahmacharin

Appendix II
Important Landmarks of Indian History

Appendix II
A Note on the Vedic Literature