Hindu Symbology and Other Essays

Hindu Symbology and Other Essays

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Author: Swami Swahananda
Publisher: Ramakrishna Math
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 266
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171205151


Symbols are signs for expressing the invisible by means of visible or sensuous representations. All our contacts with the world outside is based on symbols. Our language is nothing but symbols. The scripts are still more so. Our art, our poetry, in fact, every aspect of life is based on symbols. We think in symbols, we act in symbols, we live in symbols, we learn in symbols.

Though man and his life are ultimately are symbolic, there are more evident symbols in man's creations. This symbol-making tendency is innate in man. Symbols are used for the easy transmission of culture. A symbol retains its value through antiquity, fresh interpretation and sincere belief.

Of all the religions, it is Hinduism that has consciously and boldly accepted symbolism. Other religions of Indian origin also have done that. According to Hindu philosophy, the Divine has both personal and impersonal aspects. Symbols of the personal aspects satisfy the philosophic sense of the devotee, yet make easy the grasping of the absolute.

Hinduism has profusely made us of symbolism in religious worship with a definite purpose.


1.Symbolism in Religion
2.Hindu Symbology
3.Divine Forms
4.The Tantrik Concept of Mother Worship
5.The worship of Mother Durga
6.Durga Pura
7.On Reading the Chandi
8.Lessons from an Anecdote
9.The Way of the Mother
10.Siva we Worship
11.Sri Krishna the Eternal Charioteer
12.Sri Krishna the Guide and Goal Divine
13.Sri Chaitanya, The Prophet of the Divine Name
14.Acharya Sankara
15.The Idea of Tapas in the Upanishads
16.The Idea of Tapas in the Gita
17.The Idea of Dana in the Gita
18.The Principle of Svadharma
19.The Gita Imperative
20.The Holy scriptures
21.The Adhyatma Ramayana
22.In Search of Security
23.The Ideal of Saint Making
24.Swami Ramakrishnananda
25.I Am The Way
26.The Struggle for the Ideal
27.The Gospel of Service and Saint Tukaram
28.Sudden Conversion
29.Social Reform and The Ramakrishna Movement
30.Moral and Religious Education