Ayurveda - The Science of Traditional Indian Medicine

Ayurveda - The Science of Traditional Indian Medicine

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Author: Vaidya Bhagwan Dash
Suhasini Ramaswamy/
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 84
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174360441


Rooted in the wisdom and practices of a 2000-year old civilization, handed down by generations of sages and ascetics, Ayrveda or the Science of life is one of the oldest systems of healing in the world. Although its approach is holistic, its theories are logical and succinct. This book tries to introduce the lay reader to the basic principles of an ancient Indian science whose aim is to keep the body healthy in order to bring tranquility to the mind and satisfy the spirit by prescribing medicines which always originate in nature.

This book discusses lucidly the practical concerns of Ayurveda focusing on the Ayurvedic concept of the human body, causes of diseases, their curs, medicinal herbs used and certain basic measures to keep sickness at bay. The authors also offer a range of home remedies which can be safely tried out by readers without any fear of violent side-effects or reactions. Vividly illustrated in color, this book makes for interesting and informative reading


The Meaning of Agurveda

The Natural Body Constitution

Causes and Diagnosis of Diseases

Treatment of Diseases

Measures of Good Health