The Supreme Mother Goddess Durga  (HINDI+ENGLISH)

The Supreme Mother Goddess Durga (HINDI+ENGLISH)

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Author: B K Chaturvedi
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2003
Language: multilingual
Pages: 141
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171820743


Goddess Durga reigns supreme as the Mother Goddess, amongst the Goddesses worshipped by Hindus. Although there are innumerable forms of Goddesses and ultimately all are one, yet Durga-form is the most popular one. She is that Mother Goddess whose glory is ineffable. She is terrible, dreadful, kind-hearted, benign-all combined. Perhaps her form assimilates the varied concepts of Goddesses that have been prevalent from time immemorial. The description about Goddess Durga can be very well found in various Puranas and scriptures, but they are scattered. One who wishes to know more about Durga may not have access to all the references regarding this Goddess.

This book has been devised to facilitate the devout readers to know more about the Supreme Mother Goddess Durga. For our readers who are not familiar with the Nagari script, the various hymns and orisons have been transcribed into the Roman script also with the minimum possible diacritical notation to help them get the correct pronunciation. There are certain incantations in which pronunciation is more important than their meaning owing to its phonetic effect. Otherwise, most of the hymns have their English / Hindi explanation. It is hoped that our devout readers all over the world would accord it a devoted welcome.


I The Concept of Mother Goddess
II Mythological Legends of Goddess Durga
III Goddess Durga’s Glory As Mentioned
in the Puranas, Ramayan and Mahabharat
IV Orisons of Durga
1.Shree Durga Chalisa
2.Shree Vindhyeshwari Chalisa
3.Shree Vindhyeshwari Stotra
4.Description of Goddess in the Thirteen Chapters of Durga Saptashati
5.An Apology to the Goddess Composed by Adi Shankaracharya
6.Argala Stotram
7.Devi Sooktam-Hymns of Devi
8.S.ree Durga Ji Kin Aarti
9.Devotional Songs Offered to Mother Goddess