Human Rights in India - Historical, Social and Political Perspectives

Human Rights in India - Historical, Social and Political Perspectives

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Author: Chiranjivij J Nirmal
Editor: Chiranjivi J Nirmal
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 333
ISBN/UPC (if available): 019566171


The essays in this volume evaluate the direction of human rights theory and practice in India from an interdisciplinary perspective. They explore diverse issues such as the rights of tribal people, prisoners and refugees, the constitutional context of human rights, human rights education feminist perspectives, and the role of the media. The functioning of different human rights organizations in the country including the National Human Rights Commission is also scrutinized.

This volume provides a broader understanding of the ideological foundations of human rights laws and the practical difficulties in their implementation. It will be useful for scholars and students of law, international relations and political science, NGOs and activists.


Perhaps the most comprehensive book on the subject so far.
- Sunday Express

Learned contributors give new inputs, and a sense of direction to understanding human rights values
- The Hindu

This book consists of a number of essays contributed by eminent academics which are intended to provide a better understanding of the ideological foundations of human rights laws, and the practical difficulties in their effective implementation. the subject is timely and of considerable interest outside India as well.
_ Frontline

Contributions are mostly by academics of considerable standing. It comprises thirteen essays on most of the current rights debates on special topics.
- The Book Review


Notes on Contributors
List of International Instruments
List of Statues
List of Cited Cases

by Chiranjivi J Nirmal

Awakening of Human Rights
by M Sundara Raj

Victims of Human Rights Violations
by Rajgopal Ryali

Fundamental Rights: The Constitutional Context of Human Rights
by Leela Simons and Chiranjivi J Nirmal

Human Rights Initi9atives
by S N Nageswara Rao

Human Rights Awareness in Education
by A Chandrasekaran

Practicing Human Rights: A Femi9nist Perspective
by Endbrain Sridharan

Situating Human Rights in the Media
by N V Anandraman

Religious Freedom and Human Rights
by C Joseph Barnabas

Human Rights of Prisoners
by Chiranjivi J Nirmal

Refugees and Human Rights: International and National Experiences
by V Vijarykumar

Organizational Basis of Human Rights
by K S Krishnaswamy

The Working of the National Human Rights Commission: A Perspective
by V Vijayakumar

Setting an Agenda
by Chiranjivi J Nirmal

Towards a Bibliography: Some Notes for Students, Teachers and Activists

Annexure I
The Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993

Annexure II
National Human Rights Commission: Basic Standards
Recommended by Amnesty International

Annexure III
Notification of the National Human Rights Commission (Procedure) Regulations, 1994

Annexure IV
Addresses of Statutory Agencies for Redress of Human Rights Grievances (Chennai and Bangalore)