Economic Policy and State Intervention

Economic Policy and State Intervention

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Author: T N Srinivasan
Editor: N S S Narayana
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 559
ISBN/UPC (if available): 019566356X


T N Srinivasan - one of the most eminent Indian economists. Professor Srinivasan's numerous writings cover a wide range of issues concerning developing countries. This selection comprises some of his classic theoretical writings as well as his views on practical economic policies.

The themes covered include optimizing policies of rational individuals, the role of a state within the systems of economic structure, trade and foreign investment and issues and concerns for the Indian economy.

The volume reflects Professor Srinivasan's belief that economics should have the serious purpose of influencing policy. It will greatly interest policy-makers in India and other developing countries and will be a valuable book for students and researchers in economics.


A rich collection of diverse ideas of considerable policy import of an economist whose brilliance has been well-acknowledged the world over.
- Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics

This book puts together a selected yet remarkably diverse collection of T N Srinivasan's writings, providing insight into a significant range of issues.. A rewarding journey with considerable food for thought based on analysis and logic, not colored by self-interest or politics.
- Indian Review of Books



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Choice of Techniques of Production

Optimal Savings in a
Two-Sector Model of Growth

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Non-Economic Objectives

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Comment on "Two Strategies for Economic Development:
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Indian Economic Reforms:
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Income Distribution and the Macro economy:
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Database for Development Analysis:
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Hunger: Defining it, Estimating its Global
Incidence, and Alleviating It

Destitution: A Discourse

Agricultural Backwardness Under
Semi-Feudalism: Comment

Rationing, Spillover, and Interlinking in Credit Markets:
The Case of Rural Punjab

Dynamics of Endogenous Growth

Development in the Context of Rapid Population Growth:
An Overall Assessment

Nuclear Pover and Economic Development: India

Neoclassical Political Economy, the State and Economic Development

Democracy, Markets and Development

In Conversation with T N Srinivasan