In Diaspora - Theories, Histories, Texts

In Diaspora - Theories, Histories, Texts

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Author: Makarand Paranjape
Editor: Makarand Paranjape
Publisher: Indialog Publications
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 351
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187981067


Over the last twenty years or so, it seems as if the Indian diaspora has suddenly come of age. Shedding its minority status, it has demonstrated its inclination for becoming a majority, not in the sense of numerical superiority but of growing up, maturing, attaining self-apprehension and self-expression. It can now look at itself, the host country, and the homeland, with a critical humor that has not necessarily dulled its passion or lessened the intensity of its engagement.

Moreover, the Indian diaspora has become an important economic force, whose reputed net worth exceeds hundreds of billion of dollars. It is, at once, more mobile and cohesive than ever before, what with faster means of travel and communication. Not only has the old diaspora made inroads into the new, but the access of all the scattered peoples of Indian origin to India, the motherland, has also increased dramatically. Now it actually seems as if this diaspora has an unprecedented ascendancy and leverage both in the host country and the homeland.
Perhaps its days of 'impossible mourning' to use Vijay Mishra's phrase, might at last be at an end.

Most of the essays collected in this book were earlier presented at an international seminar held at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. The Seminar was an extraordinarily rich and varied confluence of serious and stimulating scholars from different parts of the world. Not only was it interdisciplinary in the conventional sense that academics from several disciplines were present but several genres, languages, communities, countries and continents were also involved. The range of concerns was extensive, from the early experiences of indentured laborers to the digital diaspora of the present. The more populous Punjabi and Gujarati diasporas came in for special attention, as did women and sexual minorities.



The Third Space:
Interrogating the Diasporic Paradigm

Diasporas and the
Art of Impossible Mourning

Diaspora and its Discontents

Gandhi and the Diaspora Questions:
Histories, Texts and Readings

The New Parochialism:
Homeland in the Writing of the Indian Diaspora

Between History and Cultural Politics:
Reflections on Punjabi Writing of the Diaspora

Producing (Un)homely Spaces:
Gender Differences, Gujarati Culture, and the South Asian Diaspora

Survival as an Ethic:
South Asian Immigrant Women's Writing

Dangling Men, Nowhere Women:
The Identity Crisis of South Asian Queers

Writing South Asian-Canadian Diaspora:
Amriika and Ideology

One Foot in Canada and a Couple of Toes in India:
Diasporas and Homelands in South Asian Canadian Experience

Remaining the Homeland
in South Asian America

The Politics of History on the Internet:
Cyber-Diasporic Hinduism and the North American Hindu Diaspora

The Digital Diaspora:
South Asians in the New Pax Electronica

Footnoting History:
The Diasporic Imagination of Amitav Ghosh

Suspended Identities or Citizens of a New Serfdom

Just Clothes and Ideas?
Diasporic Awareness in K S Maniam's Fiction

Writing from the Fringe of a
a Multi-cultural Society

Contextualizing Diasporic Locations
in Deepa Mehta's Fire and Srinivas Krishna's Masala

The Adventure of Indenture:
A Diasporic Identity

The Feudal Post-Colonial:
The Fiji Crisis

Notes on Contributors