Islam for Beginners

Islam for Beginners

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Author: N I Matar
Illustrator: H N Haddad
Publisher: Orient Longman
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 198
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-250-2233-3


Five times a day, close to a billion people turn to the Ka'aba in submission to Allah/God. In the seventh century CE, the religion of Islam was revealed to the Prophet Mohammad through the Holy Koran. Since the, Islam has spread to every corner of the world: from Jerusalem to Sydney, and from Dakar to London and Detroit, Islam has shown continuity with creative versatility.

This book presents the historic beginnings of Islam, the growth and contribution of its civilization, and the role of Islam in meeting the challenge of the modern world.



Al-Fatiha, The Opening
Arabia and the Beginnings of Islam
The Koran, the Holy Text of Islam
The Sunna and the Hadith


Damascus: Islamic worship / The Mosque
Kufa: Sects / Law and Theological Schools / Alchemy
Baghdad: Islamic Science 1: Mathematics and Medicine
Cardova: Islamic Philosophy
Isfahan: Sufism and Music
Samarkand: Islamic Science 2: Astronomy and Geography
Cairo: The Islamic City
Djenne: Islamic Africa
Istanbul: Islamic Power / The Impact on Europe
Agra: Islamic India
Southeast Asia
Central and South America
United States
Muslim Countries of the World


Islam in the Post-Colonial Phase
Four Models in Search of the Straight Path

Acknowledgements and Sources