Beyond Secularism - The Rights of Religious Minorities

Beyond Secularism - The Rights of Religious Minorities

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Author: Neera Chandhoke
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 321
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195662539


This book revisits the idea of secularism and explores the reasons for its apparent inability to bridge divisions in Indian society.

The author argues that the rise of majoritarianism has precipitated the need to move beyond the current understanding of secularism in order to effectively protect minority identities. Chandoke exposes the theoretical shortcomings of secularism and examines its relation to normative political ideas such as democracy, equality, and rights.

This book is a vital contribution to the public discourse on minority rights and is essential for political scientists, sociologists, philosophers, and student of political theory and Indian politics.


The book has provided us with a most useful presentation of the central problems of ensuring justice and equality to minorities without being mired in the politics of minorities.
-Madhavan K Palat, Biblo

As a theorist, she raises the level of discussion on the subject.. Anyone who has a stake in the survival of our secular society will do well to read it.
- Mushroom Has an, Hindu

She writes in the grand tradition of political theory, coupled with a discerning knowledge of contemporary political philosophy.. For serious students of Indian politics and political theory, it is a must.
- Thomas Pantham, Interventions

It is a veritable journey through the literature on democratic theory, an erudite exposition of writings on how best to live a life of dignity.
- Javeed Alam, Indian Economic and Social History Review



Religious and Political Communities in India
Approaching Minority Rights: Some Perspectives
]Grounding Minority Rights in the Democratic Principle
Grounding Minority Rights in the Principles of Substantive Equality
Thinking Through Rights I: The discontent with Rights
Thinking Through Rights II: A Theoretical Exploration
Thinking Through Rights II: Some Questions, Some Considerations
Of Communities and Cultures: An Exploration
The Individual and Community
Negotiating Collective and Individual Rights

Conclusion: Wrapping up the Argument Synoptically