Indian Peacekeeping Force in Sri Lanka

Indian Peacekeeping Force in Sri Lanka

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Author: Depinder Singh
Publisher: Natraj Publishers
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 206
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818501907X


With a foreword by the great Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw PV, PB, MC, one may expect only the very best. So it is with this gripping on-scene account of the controversial operation carried out, at Government's request, by the Indian Peacekeeping Force during 1987 and 1988 in Sri Lanka. Who better to write it than the Overall Force Commander of the IPKF himself !

The general lay-out of Sri Lanka and its many people neatly sets the scene for the drama behind this attempt to quell the rigid LTTE's greater excesses. Indeed, one may learn much of the secret methods of the dreaded LTTE in training, motivation to fanatic level, and most particularly in explosives handling by their members. Even the character of the elusive LTTE leader known as "The Green Pimpernel", is exposed.

With facts put in their proper perspective, and mistakes freely admitted, this readable account clears many misconceptions about the situation prevalent in Sri Lanka leading up to and during those two years. Junior leaders are given their chance, in this fascinating book, to explain how they coped with insurgency there.

The way all the different branches of the Armed Forces worked together to ameliorate Sri Lankan conditions is clearly brought out in the final chapter of the book. Ending with reflections, culled from IPKF experiences among others, on Higher Direction of War, Intelligence , Training, Morale Maintenance particularly in hostile environments, Public Relations, Defense Research and Development, the great authority with which this book had been penned is confirmed.

Altogether a most rewarding reading experience for anybody with an enquiring mind, whether in the Armed Forces or not.



The Land and the People
Genesis of the Ethnic Strife
Planning and Induction
The Early Days
Souring of Relations
Capture of Affine
A Road-Block
Arms and Services
Little Ieds
After Thoughts