Let's Speak Arabic - Learn Arabic Conversation in Just One Week

Let's Speak Arabic - Learn Arabic Conversation in Just One Week

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Author: S A Rahman
Publisher: Goodword books
Year: 2002
Language: multilingual
Pages: 208
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187570776


For business or pleasure you need Let's Speak Arabic for useful vocabulary and phrases. The book is organized to make Arabic learning easy and accessible.

Let's Speak Arabic focuses exclusively on the most common, everyday situations you will encounter in Arabic-speaking countries. It is just what you need to communicate successfully in basic Arabic.

This book has been prepared to serve dual purpose to help the regular students of Arabic courses to be able to speak Arabic through specially designed courses basing their eyes on the Arabic script and to enable the self-learners for specific and temporal purpose of visiting an Arabic speaking area for short or long periods of work. For this category of self-learners, Roman script has been used with specially designed equivalents.


Arabic Alphabet
Sun/Moon Letters
Romanized Symbols
List of Abbreviations

Lesson 1

Lesson 2
General Vocabulary

Lesson 3
General Vocabulary

Lesson 4
Plurals of some words already done

Lesson 5 Useful vocabulary

Lesson 6
Demonstrative pronouns and nominative pronouns

Lesson 7
General Conversation

General Conversation

Lesson 9
General Conversation

Lesson 10
Miscellaneous Vocabulary

Lesson 11

Lesson 12
Conversation at a restaurant

Lesson 132
Conversation at a Shop

Lesson 14
Conversation about changing currency

Lesson 15

Lesson 16

Lesson 17

Lesson 18

Lesson 19

Lesson 20
One of the tales of Uncle Chaka