The Transparent Mind - A Journey with Krishnamurti

The Transparent Mind - A Journey with Krishnamurti

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Author: Ingram Smith
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 199
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0141003472


This volume is a candid disclosure of how in a lifetime one man was radically changed by the message of a great teacher, who said, " You are the teacher and the student. Understand your own mind and you understand the world".

The memoir is in two parts - the first with historical detail enlivened by intimate contact with krishnamurti, and the second consisting of reflections and meditations on the author's experiments with reality.

Krishnamurti asks the author, "Are you prepared for psychological surgery?", and then takes him on an inward journey over four continents and decades as he discovers his own mind and his need to follow authority.

Smith resonates on the perennial questions thoughtful people ask themselves: Who am I? Is the self a charade? He answers these and other questions from insight born of self-revealing questioning and delicate irreverence for traditional psychological authority.

Krishnamurti tells Smith, " There will always be those who want power, who believe they know what to do. It is not the exploiter but the exploitable who9 needs attention. It is the gullible, the ones looking for direction, for guidance, who need examination. While you refuse to take responsibility for your own life and are prepared to let someone else do your work, dictators will exist."




A parable
A Personal Note
Colombo, 1949/1950
Bombay, Paris, Seattle, 1950
Sydney, 1955
Indian Sojourn, 1963/1978
Sydney, 1970
Colombo, 1980
An Ending Beginning


Reflections and Resonances
Self - A Charade