Stories from the Bhagawat (Panchratna / Amar Chitra Katha Series Vol 1016)

Stories from the Bhagawat (Panchratna / Amar Chitra Katha Series Vol 1016)

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Author: Anant Pai
Editor: Anant Pai
Publisher: India Book House
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 160
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175082720


A collection of five stories in this Pancharatna volume are all based on the Bhagwat Purana.

Balarma, Krishna's elder brother, shared almost all the antics, adventures and deeds of glory of Krishna in childhood. Some episodes from his childhood and the tale of his wedding are narrated in the first Katha in this volume.

The story of Sudama, a great devotee and childhood friend of Lord Krishna, has retained its popularity with children down the ages. The love of Krishna for Sudama forms the theme of many a devotional song and this story has been a source of sustenance of faith to the poor.

The third story in this volume is about Shishupala, the jilted suitor of Rukmini. He never missed an opportunity to slight Krishna. Krishna had promised his aunt, Shishupala's mother, that he would forgive a hundred mistakes of her son. It was when he crossed this limit that Krishna thought it fit to punish him.

The fourth story in this volume is about Paundraka Vaasudeva who believed that he was equal to Krishna. Several times he tried to challenge Krishna, but met withy disgrace and disaster.

The fifth story is about the son of Pradyumna and the grandson of Krishna. Usha, the daughter of an Asura Bana, sees him in a dream and becomes anxious to know if there is such a person. What follows is a story of full of adventure and suspense.