Ramayana - The Interactive Epic  (CD-ROM)

Ramayana - The Interactive Epic (CD-ROM)

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Author: Pappu Venugopal Rao
Narrator: Nikhil Kapoor / Balamurali Krishna / S Sowmya
Publisher: Image Infotainment
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Many have sought to tell the tale of Lord Rama after Maharishi Valmiki but few have achieved what is contained in this three CD pack. As unique as it is wonderful, this version of the Ramayana is an entertainment and educational interactive, animated storybook with a storyline specially adapted from the original account of Sage Valmiki by Dr. Pappu Venugopal and a full length narration by Nikhil Kapoor, this unique production spans over 200 minutes of high quality Cel Animation with an accompanying original soundtrack. The Cd's also come packed with 25 minutes devoted to Slokas in the rich voice of the internationally acclaimed Dr. Balamurli Krishna and Ms. S Sowmya and a special recital of the entire 'Adhitya Hridhyam' by Dr. Pappu Venugopal Rao.

The Cds come packed with features that provide a truly interactive experience.

-You can experience the Ramayana in its entirely in the movie mode or watch it at your ease, scene by scene in the interactive mode.

- A unique Timeline provides a chronological index of events for quick reference

- The built-in search feature provides an easy way to locate the appearance of characters incidents or even locations appearing in the epic

- A Character index provides information on every character that appears in the epic

The complimentary CD is in the Enhanced CD format and enables you to listen to all the rendition in the Ramayana, from a regular CD player also.

- Information pertaining to the Ramayana in other languages and variations around the world is also available in the complimentary CD.

The complimentary CD also contains Theme, Games and Puzzles based on the Ramayana.


Pentium 166 CPU or equivalent
Windows 95 or 98
50 MB free hard disk space
640x 480 monitor resolution
16 bit high-color
32X CD-ROM drive (recommended) or DVD-Rom drive
Direct X ® 7.0 or higher needs to be installed in your system before running the Ramayana program. (Available in the Ramayana Disc 1 under the "installs" directory (\directx7\dxsetup.exe)


The first chapter is the story of the birth of Rama and his three brothers to Kind Dasaratha in the city of Ayodhya and Rama's marriage with Sita

In this chapter Dasaratha plans to coronate Rama, but sends Rama away to the forest for a period of fourteen years at the behest of Kaikeyi.

The chapter comprises of Rama's exile in the forest and thekidnapping ofhis wife Sita by the demon king Ravana.

Rama and Lakshmana are engagerd in their search of Sita. They meet Sugreeva and Hanuman, forge friendship with them and together serach for Sita

The most sacred chapter in the Ramayana. This chapter comprises of Hanumkan's quest for Sita and hissuccessful mission

The Final chapter, on the battle between Rama and Ravana, of Rama's victory, his reunion with Sita and their return to Ayodhya.