Nataraja in Brass

Nataraja in Brass

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Author: Nataraja
Publisher: na
Year: NA
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Nataraja is seen here absorbed in celestial rapture, his locks flying, entwined with snakes, carrying a drum symbolizing the rhythm of creation. In one hand he bears fire, which can destroy the Universe, while he confers protection with another hand, held with the palm open in a gesture of blessing. The demon of ignorance is crushed under Nataraja’s dancing foot. The aureole that surrounds Nataraja represents the fiery cosmos, which is sustained by the dynamic movement of the celestial Lord of the Dance.

Nataraja or “Lord of the Dance” is a form of Shiva, one of the powerful trinity of Indian Gods. Brahma is the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the Destroyer. In the form of Nataraja, Shiva dances the cosmos into creation and as long as he continues dancing, lost in his celestial trance, the universe will continue to exist. If he were to stop, the flow of Divine energy that sustains the Universe would abruptly come to an end.

This statue weighs 1lb and 5 oz g and is available is 7” high and 5” wide.