Brass Ganesh (Handicraft)

Brass Ganesh (Handicraft)

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Author: Ganesh
Publisher: NA
Year: NA
Language: NA
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This beautiful small brass statue of lord Ganesh is depicted as seated, in this brass idol. He holds his favourite sweet, a modak in his left hand. His right hand is held open in a gesture of blessing. Auspicious signs decorate his forehead and open palm. His large curved ears are extended to listen to the chants of his devotees as they invoke his blessings.

Ganesh is worshipped as the remover of obstacles, as the God of wisdom and success. His plump belly symbolizes prosperity, and his large forehead represents intelligence and foresight. He is invoked at the beginning of any journey, wedding ceremony and enterprise.

This amazing statue of lord Ganesh is 2 1/2" high and weighs approximately 9 oz.