Materia Medica: A Medium-System Approach  - Two Vols. Bound in One

Materia Medica: A Medium-System Approach - Two Vols. Bound in One

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Author: John Martin Hongberger
Publisher: LP Publications
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 551
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186142398


Originally published as Thirty-five years in the East, this two-volume work bound in one is a narrative of adventures, discoveries, experiments, historical sketches relating to the Punjab and Cashmere in connection with Medicine, Botany, Pharmacy etc.

The author, a European physician to the Sikh Court of Lahore during the reign of Ranjit Singh and his successors. Recounts in the first volume, many sketches of oriental character, and illustrations of Eastern manners, customs and intrigues, also, a faithful summary of events during his fifteen-years residence in Lahore.

Materia Medica literally means that branch of medical science which relates to drugs and their curative properties. The second volume of this book is a resume of author's unwearied experiment grounded results of his researches on various types of patients, normal or abnormal during his traveling adventures of thirty-five years in Asian countries. This second volume, although a medical work, has not been written for physicians only; it is apprehensible and useful for all readers.