Religions in Modern Society - The Puzzling Issues

Religions in Modern Society - The Puzzling Issues

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Author: D R Jatava
Publisher: National Publishing House
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 336
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186803653


This book deals with some complex issues of different religions as they exist today. This study reveals how human importance is given to those things that are supposed to compensate and comply with the desires of man or material gains.

The determining factors of religions are as varied and unique as the natures of human beings. Each individual entertains and emplaces in his heart a vicissitudes of faith, gods and souls. This gives us a reflection in people's minds of external forces dominating over them in everyday life, a reflection in which earthly things assume non-earthly forms, and such a variety of animate and inanimate forces lead us towards a vivid picture of Religions in Modern Society.

Man's urge for something superior or somebody powerful is universal, and he expects some benefits in a way he prays and worships for. This creates a chain of working religions as the author has endeavored to enumerate and malaise in his work.

The author has delved into a variety of ways, views and values, of many religions; they are both interesting and intellectual; and that needs further probe by the scholars into a controversial subject such as Religions of numerous forms, sects and shades existing in human societies.