Travels in India

Travels in India

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Author: Jean-Baptiste Tavernier
Publisher: LP Publications
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 736
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175362065


Translated from the original French edition of 1676, this work in two volumes bound in one is a complete and unabridged narrative of one of the most renowned traveler of the seventeenth century.

Tavernier's name, owing to its frequent mention in histories and in works on precious stones, has long been known. He traveled during a period when so much was done to bring home to the people of Europe information about countries which had previously been but little known. This encyclopedic volume presents an approximately literal translation of the portion of the Travels which refer to India, accompanying it by such identifications of localities with modern sites and elucidation of obscure points.


Preface of Dr. V Ball

Introduction-Life of J B Tavernier

Introduction to the Second Edition, By W. Crooke

Some Additional Notes on Tavernier's History and Geography


Title Page of Original Edition

Dedication to the King

Design of the Author

Table of the Books and Chapters

Avis to the Reader


Book I, Chapters I to XX
Book II, Chapters I to XI