The Later Mughals

The Later Mughals

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Author: William Irvine
Publisher: LP Publications
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 824
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818555756X


This work, in two volumes bound in one, is an outstanding narrative of the period following the death of Aurangzeb in 1707, and covers the period upto 1739 when Nadir Shah invaded India and occupied Delhi after defeating Muhammad Shah.

This work is based entirely on the original Persian and other contemporary sources besides the mass of information gathered from the East India records of the Dutch, French and Portuguese Government as well as the Christian Missions of the East.

It is a permanent source-book for the history of the later Mughal rulers. It embodies the varied information provided by the various contemporary sources which the author verified and supplemented by carefully sifting the information from the accounts of individual travelers and writers.

This work has been edited by the well-known historian Jadunath Sarkar, author of History of Aurangzib, Shivaji and His Times, Studies in Mughal India, etc.



CHAPTER 1: Bahadur Shah

CHAPTER II: Interregnum

CHAPTER III: Jahandar Shah

CHAPTER IV: Farrukh-siyar

CHAPTER V: Rafi-ud-darjat and Rafi-ud-daulah

CHAPTER VI: Muhammad Shah: Tutelage under the Sayyids

CHAPTER VII: Muhammad Shah's Reign 1720-1725

CHAPTER VIII: Mahrattas in Gujarat

CHAPTER IX: Bundelkhand and Malwa

CHAPTER X: Muhammad Shah to 1738

CHAPTER XI: India in 1738: Rise and Progress of Nadir Shah

CHAPTER XII: Nadir Shah's invasion of India

CHAPTER XIII: Nadir in Dihli: His Return