Sikh's Book on Attributes of God

Sikh's Book on Attributes of God

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Author: Surindar Singh Kohli
Publisher: Singh Brothers
Year: 2000
Language: multilingual
Pages: 93
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172052405


The third in the series "Guru Granth Sahib Speaks". This book relates to the basic philosophy propounded in the Sikh Scripture, and will help in understanding the fundamentals of Sikh religion.

The present title ‘Attributes of God – Hari-gun is the third book in the series ‘Guru Granth Sahib speaks’. It is very essential to write on the basic philosophy propounded in the sikh Scripture, as it will help us to understand the fundamentals of our religion.

The Sikhs of the world should try to discipline their lives according to the message given by their Guru i.e. ‘Guru Granth Sahib’. If they adhere to the message of Guru strictly, they will shine like stars and lead others, who are bereft of the flights into the spiritual domain. They will never feel deficient of anything. No disappointment will ever seize them and no malady will ever be the cause of their downfall.


‘Attributes of God’ Eptomized in ‘Mool Mantra’

God’s Attributes and Man’s Qualities

The Relationship of Lord-God with Soul

God is Truth --- ‘Jiva’ must be Truthful

God is Immaculate --- ‘Jiva’ must be Pure

God is Love --- ‘Jiva’ must Love Him

God is Gracious and Merciful --- ‘Jiva’ must be without Fear and Enmity

God is the Giver and Generous --- ‘Jiva’ must be Charitable and Helpful to Needy

God is the Pardoner and the Forgiver --- ‘Jiva’ must Exonerate the Repentent

God is Just and Equitable --- ‘Jiva’ must be Just and Upright

God is Good and Beautiful --- ‘Jiva’ must be Good and Elegant

God has Sweet Speech --- ‘Jiva’ must Speak Sweetly