Eastern Proverbs & Emblems - Illustrating Old Truths

Eastern Proverbs & Emblems - Illustrating Old Truths

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Author: J Long
Compilor: J Long
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 280
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171676510


The literary jewels amassed between these covers have been sourced from materials scattered over more than 1000 volumes, and presents great spiritual insights by means of emblems and illustrations drawn from the depths of the popular mind.

The literary jewels amassed between these covers have been sourced from materials scattered over more than 1000 volumes. This book of quotations presents great spiritual insights by means of emblems and illustrations drawn from the depths of the popular mind. The proverbs selected here have been especially picked for the illustrations they contain. They show how widely scattered nations under similar circumstances have come to similar conclusions. After all proverbs came before there were books—they came from the great books of Nature, common sense and powers of observation. Although they have been drawn from a plethora of Eastern regions, covering languages as rich and varied as Chinese, Urdu, Afghan, Telegu, Russian, Hebrew, Bengali, Greek, Sanskrit and even Galic, yet they speak a language understood by all. Buddhist preachers, Biblical writings and Sufi teachers alike hoist the flag of Emblems, Parables and Proverbs. This handy and precious book is designed to especially assist students, orientalists, lovers of folklore, teachers et al.


The Ant teaches the Sluggard
Appearances Deceitful --- Avoid the appearance of Evil
Angry as a Bear robbed of her Whelps
Man a Wild Ass’s Colt
Beauty in the Ignorant as Jewel in Swine’s Snout --- Beginning and Unable to Finish
The Glutton’s God his Belly
Book Cram --- Anger rests in the Fool’s Bosom
Braying a Fool in a Mortar
The Shameless have a Brow or Brass
Deceitful Brethren as a Brook --- a Busybody, as one taking a Dog by the Ears
The Hypocrite’s Words Smoother than Butter --- Strife from Wrath as Butter from Milk
The Wicked are Chaff --- Cheerfulness
The Body a Clay House crushed before the Moth
The wicked are clouds without Water --- A Boaster like Clouds without Rain
The Fickle like the Morning Cloud and Early Dew --- A Forgiving Spirit as Coals of Fire on an Enemy’s Head
Contentment with Godliness, Great Gain --- A Threefold cord of Brotherly Unity
Worldly Joy is the Crackling of Thorns
Courteousness --- A Cruel Man troubles his own Flesh
The Cursing of the Wicked Vain --- Bad Company the Unfruitful Works of Darkness
Owe no Debt but Love --- Decision; No Serving Two Masters
Deed, not Words-The Double-Minded; Unstable as a Wave
Cast not Holy Things to Doga
Meek as a Dove
The Wicked are Dross
Man’s Corruption like the Ethipian’s Skin
The Eye of Faith
The Fire of the Tongue
Little Sins like Dead Flies in Ointment
Life a Flood
Life a passes as a Flower
God-fearning the Fountain of Life --- The Heart the Fountain of Action --- The Wicked are Foxes
Friendship, like Perfume, rejoicing the Heart
The Wicked like Goats --- All Flesh in Grass
Gratitude the Memory of the Heart
Idleness makes the House drop through
The Inner and the Outer Man
The Lamp of the Wicked put out --- Man Fades as a Leaf
Lip Love as Sounding Brass --- Use the Means
Gravel of Deceit fills the Mouth
The Safe Guide
The Hoary Head of the Righteous a Grown of Glory --- The Body a House
Hearing, not Doing, as a House on the Sands
Moderation, i.e., Avoiding Extremes
The Mote in a Brother’s Eye, a Beam in your Own --- Stiff-necked
Woman’s Ornament the Hidden Man of the Heart
Patient as the Husbandman
Cast not Pearls before Swine
Perfection --- Sin as a Poisonous Serpent
Man as Clay; God as the Potter
Punctuality, or Work while it is Day
God’s Influence as Rain on the Mown Grass
Redeeming the Time --- Sparing the Rod, hating Son
The Root of all Evil is the Love of Money
Rottenness of the Bones is Envy
Hypocrites’ Hope a Rush in the Mire --- Hypocrites are Whited Sepulchres
The Righteous the Salt of the Earth
Our Days on Earth a Shadow --- God a Shepherd
Sowing to the Flesh Reaping Corruption
The Hypocrites’ Hope a Spider’s Web
The Lord the Stay of the Righteous
The Nick of Time Taught by the Stock --- The Sting of Death is Sin
The Sinner’s Heart Stony
The Swallow known her Time, not so the Ignorant
Slander is a Mall, a Sword, and a Sharp Arrow --- False Sympathy
Temperance of Self-Control
Avoid Temptation
The Body a Tent
Life a Vapor
The Wages of Sin is Death-Providence a Wall of Fire to protect the Good
No Discharge in Death’s Warfare
The Beginning of Strife the letting out of Water
The Dead as Water spilled upon the Ground
The Wicked pass away as a Whirlwind
The Worm of Conscience
Man a Worm
The Tongue Fires the Wheel of Nature

The Wicked deaf as an Adder to the Charmer’s Voice
The Anchor of Hope
The Arrows of God’s punishment --- The Axe of punishment at the Root of the tree
Sinners are Blind
The Book of Life
Who are Brands plucked from the Burning --- Doing Good is Bread cast on the Waters
God a Builder
The Burden of Sin --- Trusting in Riches compared to a Camel passed through a Needle’s Eye
The Wicked are Captives
Choked with Care-Chastity
God chastises his Spiritual Sons
Humble as little Children
Death of Righteous as a Shock of Corn
Charity covers a Multitude of Sins --- Let the Dead bury their Dead
The Congregation of the Dead and the Fool --- Drunkenness.
Riches have Wings like an Eagle.
Education, or Bending the Twig --- The Righteous are Epistles not written with Ink
Providence guards the Righteous as the Apple of the Eye
God our Father
Faith without Fruits is Dead
The Earth waxes old as a Garment
The Strait Gate and Narrow Way to Eternal Life --- The Girdle of Truth
Seeing through a Dark Glass
Hearers not Doers gazers in a Looking-glass
The wild Goat on the Mountains protected, so the Righteous
The Tongue a Helm --- Providence as a Hen sheltering her Chicken
Honesty-Hospitality --- Who are God’s Jewels
God a Judge
Sin, a Leprosy
God’s people graven on the Palms of his Hands
Light --- The Righteous Bold as a Lion
Time like a Mail-post, Swift ships, Eagles
An Oppressor like a Crouching Lion
A Living Dog better than a dead line --- Man and Wife one Flesh
The Miser-False Peace like Untempered Mortar
The Spiritual Net --- The Night of Life and Day of Eternity
The Sensualist’s Old Age
Oppressing the Poor a Sweeping Rain
The Righteous as the Palm Tree
Perseverance as the Husbandman --- Polygamy
Prevention better than cure --- pride
Punctuality and Watching opportunity --- The Heavenly Race
God will not break the bruised Reed
God a Refuge and Shield
Rend the Heart not the Garment
Resignation --- God’s Grace a River
The Sacrifices of the Body and of praise
The Troubled Sea of Evil Passions
Conscience seared as with a Hot Iron
The Seed of God’s Word
Self-conceit --- Selfishness
The Righteous as Sheep
The Shipwrecked Soul-Silence
Death a Sleep to the Righteous --- Conscience Asleep
The Smoke of God’s Anger
The Righteous a Soldier
The Righteous shall Shine as the Stars
The Rich are only Stewards
The Stronghold, Faith in God
The Death of the Righteous an unsetting Sun
Earthen Vessels hold the Soul’s Treasures
Christ the Lily among the Thorns
Treasures laid up in Heaven --- Death’s Shadowy Valley
The Spiritual Warfare
The Righteous are Watchmen
The Waterer Watered, or Fatness for the Liberal
The Wedding Garment, or Meetness for Heaven --- The Wilderness World
The Wicked are Wolves and Locusts --- The Words of the Wise Goads and Nails.

Who is the Altar for Believers? --- Who has the Everlasting Arms?
What Bags wax not Old
How Born again? --- Who is the Bread of Heaven?
Who are Buried with Christ? --- Satan in everlasting Chains of Darkness
The City in Heaven-Content
Christ drank a Bitter Cup
Hell is the Blackness of Darkness --- Death-bed Repentance, or making Swords when the War comes
Sin as a Debt Blotted out --- The Dew of God’s Providence
The Spiritual Life mounting on Eagle’s Wings
The Earnest of the Spirit
The Angelic Encampment-Example
The Great Family of Believers --- Satan the Father of Lies
Keep the Feet in God’s House
God’s Name on the Believer’s Forehead --- Christ the sure foundation
God the Fountain of Living Waters
The Fowler of Souls
Christ the first Fruits of them that Slept --- Affiction’s Furnace
The Church a Garden enclosed
Faith more Precious than Gold
The Righteous groan in their Bodily Tebernacle --- The right Hand of God dashes in Pieces his Enemies
The Soul thirsts for God like a Hart
The Heavenly Home
The Righteous are God’s Husbandry
The Incense of Prayer
Begotten to an Unfading Inheritance
Christ has the Keys of Death and Hell
The Righteous are Kings
Christ’s Kingdom Immovable
Who knocks at the Door of the Heart? Christ the Lamb of God.
The Spiritual Legacy
Who comes as the Lightning?
Christ the Lily of the Valley
Looking to Jesus
Meekness-Church Membership
Who are Spiritual Merchants?
The Church compared to the Moon
The Holy Spirit’s Influence like oil
Who is the Great Physician?
Who are Pilgrims on Earth?
Providence Rescues from a Horrible Pit-Atonement a Propitiation through Faith in Christ
Death Rest to the Righteous
Sparing the Rod hating his Son
Who shall see God? --- Sins like Scarlet made White as Snow
Who are the Sealed Ones?
The Woman’s Seed bruises the Serpent’s Head --- Self-respect --- Who are Servants of Christ?
The shield of Faith
Affiction refines as the Fire does silver
What are the Dead sown for?
Who is the Morning Star?
The Storm of god’s Wrath
Who are Strangers on Earth?
The Sun of the Righteousness with --- Healing on his Wings
The sword of the Spirit like Water
The Way to Heaven
Christ a Well of Water --- The Holy Spirit’s Influence like the Wind
Christ’s Yoke easy and his Burthen light

Questions on and heads of the Emblems
Scriptures similes illustrative of Texts
Illustrations in the Bible of Oriental Customs