Sikh's Book on Death and After (PUNJABI + ENGLISH)

Sikh's Book on Death and After (PUNJABI + ENGLISH)

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Author: Surindar Singh Kohli
Publisher: Singh Brothers
Year: 2014
Language: multilingual
Pages: 104
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172052219


The first in the series "Guru Granth Sahib Speaks", this volume gives the description of the subject in the Scripture, followed by a discussion on the visible death and the time of death, and contains three elegies, two by the founder Guru and one by the third Guru.

This book was written as a guide for the dying. It also presents a belief in the local gods, mountain spirits and other deities. The experiences associated with the time of death have also been described in this book.

Death is a certainly. Therefore, in all ages, people have been absorbed in comprehending the mystery behind this perennial subject. Why everything that takes birth must dies?

Who is responsible for birth and death? People who die, narrate various types of experience. The dying man becomes conscious about the presence of some being coming from some other world for taking away the life-force or soul.



The Mystery of Death and Life After Death
The Visible Death
The Time of Death
Messages of Death
Yama ---- The God of Death
The Path of Yama and The City of Yama
Disposal of the Dead
Heaven and Hell
Karma and Transmigration
Near-Death Experiences
Out of Body Experiences