Marching Ahead with Science

Marching Ahead with Science

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Author: Biman Basu
Hasan Jawaid Khan/
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 158
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123734867


This book is an attempt to present a brief over-view of some of India's achievements in technology since Independence.

When India gained Independence in 1947, it did not have any worthwhile infrastructure for the development of science and technology, nor did it have a sound industrial base. Agricultural production was abysmally low and health services almost non-existent. Yet, five decades later, it has emerged as a major technological power with the capability to design, build and launch its own satellites, design, build and run its own nuclear power plants, and also develop its own super-computers. This book is an attempt to present a brief overview of some of these achievements since Independence.

Winner of the 1994 NCSTC national award for best science and technology coverage in the mass media, Biman Basu has been involved in science communication for more than three decades. He is the senior editor of the popular science monthly ‘Science Reporter’ (published by NISCOM). He has written six popular science books of which two, ‘The Story of Man (1997) and ‘Joy of Starwatching (1999), have been published by NBT.



1. Food for All
2. The Milk Miracle
3. Towards Better Healthcare
4. Into the Supercomputer Age
5. Harnessing Space
6. Atom for Peace
7. Protecting the Borders
8. Promise of Biotechnology
9. Exploring the Oceans
10. Technologies Galore