People's Art in the Twentieth Century (ENGLISH+HINDI)

People's Art in the Twentieth Century (ENGLISH+HINDI)

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Author: A Compilation
Publisher: Jana Natya Manch
Year: 2002
Language: multilingual
Pages: 395
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This selection of writings in original with translations from the well-known writers from India and abroad of the twentieth century dwells on What is culture, and why does the culture of the masses take certain forms, and also what role does culture play in social transformation.

The need to engage with theoretical questions is greater today than even before. Dark times are upon us. The enemies of the people strut about triumphantly. The war against them will be won in the economic and political sphere, of course, but it cannot be won unless the forces of progress win the struggle over the minds of men.

The sun is setting on a century of revolutions. But the questions that the century threw up are not going to disappear in a hurry; moreover, new problems are already demanding our engagement. This selection of writings from the twentieth century will, it is hoped, be of some use in negotiating the slippery ground of theory, and to evolve a radical art practice that will enrich the revitalized revolutionary struggles of the century coming to birth.



Shradhanjali: Ramvilas Sharma

Georgei Plekhanov : On ‘Art for Art’s Sake’

Romain Rolland : From The People’s Theatre

Maxim Gorkey : Soviet Literature

Bla E Lenin: Lave Tolstoy

Premchand: Sahitya ka Uddeshya

Lu Xun: Thoughts on the League of Left-Wing Writers

Autonio Gramsci: Anfisa by Andreyev at the Carignano
From ‘Culture and Class Struggle’
Questions of Culture
Cultural Themes: Ideological Material

Walter Benjamin: What is Epic Theatre?

Vladimir Mayakovsky: Alexander Blok is Dead
‘The Workers and Peasants Don’t Understand You’

Mao Zedong: Talks at the Yenan Forum on Literature and Art

Erwin Piscator : From ‘The Proletarian Amateur Play’
From ‘The Craft’

Bertolt Brecht: Theatre for Pleasure or Theatre for Instruction
On the formalistic Character of the Theory of Realism
Two Essays on Unprofessional Acting
From ‘The Messingkauf Dialogues’

Hanns Eisler: Song Born of Struggle
Thoughts on Form and Content

E M M Nunbudiripad: Sahitya mein Manavtavad Aur Varg Sangharsh
Jan Sanskriti Kya Hai

Ramvilas Sharma: Saundarya ki Vastugat Satta aur Samajik Vikas

Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh: Janata ka Sahity Kise kahte Hai?
Madhyaugin Bhakti Aandolan ka ek Pahlu
Andha Yug: Ek Sameeksha

Amilcar Cabral: National Liberation and Culture

Ritwik Ghatak: What Ails Indian Film-Making

Dario Fo: From ‘Tricks of the Trade’

Utpal Dutt: On Satyajit Ray
On Proletarian Myths
Kya Karna Hai?

John Arden and Margaretta D’Arcy: A Socialist Hero on the Stage

Indian People’s Theatre Association: ‘People’s Theatre Stars the People’
All India people’s Theatre Conference Draft Resolution
Speech by Prof. Hiren Mukerjee

Safdur Hashmee: Indrjalik Kamani
Paramparik Rupon aur Divaisiz ka sawal