Dogri folk Tales

Dogri folk Tales

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Author: Shivanath
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 176
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8126012242


The language of about five million Dogras, Dogri has a rich oral literature and folk tales form a substantial part of it. There are over seven hundred Dogri folk tales which have been collected and printed so far. This volume is the first attempt to bring out the English translation of some of these folk tales.

The tales in this volume provide a peep into the ‘backyard’ of Dogra culture. Here gods and goddesses assume human forms and join human beings to drive home some important truth or moral lesson. Anything is possible in this world of make believe but the values enshrined in the tales are clear. Quite a few tales included here have a king, prince of princess as the main character; the reason being that Duggar was for long a land of rajas, and petty Zamindars and feudal chiefs. There are also some interesting women-centered tales portraying their superior intelligence out-writing men.


Creation of Man and Woman
Destiny of a Land
A Good-for-nothing Fellow
Real Devotion
God Himself
Mother’s Blessing
Mystique of the Soil
A Matter of Destiny ---- Sanjog
The Lucky One ---- Punnu
The Clever Cripple
The Barber and the Rakshasa
The Boy Who Loved Babbarus
A Lesson for the King
Who is Untouchable?
Unheard Tales
Four Clever Barber
Four Clever Thieves
An Honest Thief
Ghungaroo Poayi Ayi Luck Tunun Tunun
Raja Ichanu Michanu
The Flying Horse
True Friend
Jasmine Flower
Melon and Knife
Woman’s Will
Rain of Fishes
A Super Thug
Rulla’s Waterchannel
A Kick for the Hunchback
A Sparrow and a Buffalo
A Vixen and A Cock
A Crow and A Deer
A Panchayat’s Verdict
Mithu Crow’s Panchayat
Fruit of Action
The Usurper
Slothful Family
The Clever One
Kind-heartedness and Greediness
An Adopted Son
Fate and Action
Akbar and Birbal
What the bird says
The Greatest Crook
Dhobi and Maulavi
Madhu peer
Mittha Peer
News From Here and There
A Hair of Gold
Two Fevers
Raising Funds For the State Treasury