Beyond Autonomy - Roots of India's Foreign Policy

Beyond Autonomy - Roots of India's Foreign Policy

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Author: A K Damodaran
Publisher: Somaiya
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 246
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170392411


The papers collected in this volume deal mainly with India's foreign policy and also developments in other countries. It seeks to understand, articulate and project India's role in world affairs at the present time.

In a world of instant communication, no country can remain in isolation. The impact of socio-cultural and economic trends receive instant reverberations the world over. This is equally true of foreign policy. While the balance of power and ideology may have undergone changes, the fundamentals of Indian diplomatic expression has remained the same, with its commitment to our national interests and autonomy in all spheres of decision-making. On account of here geographical position and size India plays a dominant role in world politics. The messages of religious prophets have emanated and spread from this region. Religious and cultural influences from other parts of the world have been accepted and assimilated over the centuries. The Ashokan and Gandhian concepts of Ahimsa or non-violence and non-aggression, along with Nehru’s idea of non-alignments is a redundant concept, the underlying principle of independent decision-making and a resistance to economic pressures from elsewhere continue to dominate our policies in the sphere of external affairs.

While challenges to our foreign policy are continuous, the essays contained in this volume attempt to understand, articulate and project India’s role in world affairs at the present time. The country’s equations with her immediate neighbors with whom conflicts have erupted are also discussed in some detail. Another factor to be considered by the makers of Indian foreign policy is the utilization and contribution of the overseas Indian communities in a way that will serve our national interests.

This collection of papers will go a long way in enhancing the reader’s knowledge of the forces and philosophies that have constituted the basis for India’s autonomous foreign policy.


The Estranged Twins: India and Pakistan
Ideologies in flux
India and Europe
Roots of Foreign Policy
Indo-US Relations: Prospects
India and Russia: Challenges and Prospects
The End of the Cold War: A Third World Perspective
Freedom and Democracy
Power as an Instrument of Socio-Economic Transformation
Before Non-Alignment
NAM: The Road Ahead
Foreign Policy Planning: The Indian Experience
India’s China Policy
Random Reminiscences