Perspectives on Sikhism

Perspectives on Sikhism

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Author: Prithipal Singh Kapur
Editor: Prithipal Singh Kapur / Dharam Singh
Publisher: Punjabi University
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 283
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173807361


Sikhism was the only religion that originated during the last millennium, and this volume of contributions made at an International Seminar on 'Sikhism: A Religion for the Third Millennium' takes a look at Sikhism between the second and third millennia.

Sikhism is the youngest of India’s many religions and the only one to have been born during the second Millennium. Guru Nanak, the founder, preached a doctrine that was peace-loving and concerned all aspects of life and religion that remained caught between various religions (in case of India, Hinduism and Islam). He presented a concept of God that was formless and did not promote superstitious rituals. Nanak’s God could catch the imagination of people without having to be deified in religious garb that could produce either fanaticism or violence. Nanak’s religious instruction did not include asceticism as holy way of life. On the other hand, faith in full activist life was sought to be restored. This five hundred year old religion book long strides to enable it to find a front-row place in the galaxy of world faiths.



Welcome Address
Key-note Address
Sikhism in the Next Millennium
Sikhism: A Religion for the Third Millennium

Advent of Sikhism : A Response to Religious Strife
Sikhism: A Religion of Creative Activism
Creative Activism
Sikhism: Its Scientific & Logical Connotations
Sikhism and Genesis of Altruism
Early Sikh Scriptural Tradition

Khalsa: A Concept of Struggle for a Righteous Cause
Three Centuries of the Khalsa

The Tradition of Kirtan and Its Discipline
Sikh Coinage---A Symbol of Sikh Sovereignty

Sikhism: A Futuristic Vision for a Classless Social Order
Sikhism and Human Rights
Globalization and Sikh Relevance in Twenty-First Century

1947 : The Crisis and The Response
Sikhs Abroad: Problems of Cultural and Institutional Linkage
Cultural and Institutional Linkage
Diasporic Sikhism: Emerging Issues
Sikhs as an Ethnic Group: A Sociological Introspection

Valedictory Address
List of Contributors
Sessional Presidents
List of Delegates